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I'm an English teacher, but don't let this deceive you into thinking that what I have written will be either interesting or even coherent. If you're looking for a blog that follows some sort of train of thought then you are unlikely to enjoy reading these posts. This is a blog that reflects the mind of a person with only a tenuous grip on reality. It's a blog filled with reactionary rants to things that I come across in the news or my daily life. My therapist suggested that I write a blog as a means of catharsis, and while the authorities haven't yet found the need to incarcerate me, it's really only a matter of time

Teaching English as an Additional Language – A 10 Year Odyssey in Search of a Correctly Conjugated Verb

It all started a long time ago in a land far far away. Like minded people gathered asking questions, they would seek out teachers who would help them to better understand the world and their lives. From Socrates to Pericles, … Continue reading

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Will Mockingjay be the Catalyst that Brings the Downfall of Thailand’s Military Junta?

There can be little doubt that Thailand is one of the stranger places in a world that finds itself rapidly descending into madness. Thailand seems to embrace and internalize this trend for global psychosis faster and easier than your average … Continue reading

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Democracy Dies in Thailand but Few Seem to Mourn its Passing

  The “death of democracy” has not left much of a vacuum in Thailand. It was more like the death of somebody’s old uncle, whose name had been familiar in the household for many years, but who died, where he … Continue reading

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